Hi! I’m Betty, and I’m excited to start this blog about laptop bags! This might seem like a funny topic, but why not devote some time to figuring out the best way to protect your laptop while making sure it is stylish. I mean, think about it. We use our laptops every day. They are basically a part of us. We (or at least, I) rely on them for EVERYHTING. Whether you are a student, working professional, or stay at home mom, you probably carry your laptop around with you a lot of the time. Laptops are also EXPENSIVE. They are an item we save up for and spend time researching. An electronic device that is expensive and that we carry with us all the time should be well protected with a high-quality case.

I recently purchased a new laptop. My old one finally stopped working after a great 5 years together (RIP old laptop). Since I purchased my new one, I have been on the hunt for a great bag or case to protect it. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything just right. There are lots of cases with cool and fun designs, but they are not high quality and do not do a great job in terms of protecting the device. And the cases that are high quality are, too be honest, boring and unattractive. Since my laptop is basically an extension of my body and I take it with me everywhere, I want it to be attractive and represent me, my style, and my personality.

It’s hard to find individuality when everything around is being mass produced. Yes, we can have the same designer brand handbag, or generic laptop sleeve. What if I want something different and that isn’t sold in every store? I want the ability to have a blank canvas and create my own design. The power to design something expressive and creative. I’ll be on the search for neat, fun, and cool designs..maybe some of them will be  my own!